Gabarone, Botswana

Our first extension out of South Africa came from a desire to align with women-owned businesses and to cultivate impactful partnerships in Botswana. This is a country that is more than just about diamonds – its tourism, manufacturing (automotive) as well as processing (agriculture) industries tell a story of a human capital market that Liyema Consulting is proud to be part of!

Established in South Africa, and now operating across Africa, Europe, and the UAE, Liyema Consulting leverages technology to offer clients advanced staffing solutions. In 10 years, we’ve grown to become a formidable force in the industry. What started as a recruitment-focused offering, has grown into a multifaceted provider with the capacity to lend our expertise to various types and sizes of organisations.

Our fully integrated consultancy provides the following services:

We also provide tech solutions that include:

Leading global video interviewing and hiring technology.

Secure digital signing platforms.​

Digital time logging software, accessible from any device.

Online employee experience management platform.

Cindy Sibanda

Country Director 

An expert in business development, Cindy leads the Liyema Consulting team in Botswana growing a client base that will benefit from our strong in-country network of experts. She is a leader whose entrepreneurial spirit drives the work and impact she wants to have in the industry.

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