Remote Working And Other Accelerated Labour Trends

In the past few months, the nature of work has had to shift drastically to accommodate the global health crisis. We can no longer muse about what the future of work may look like. It is here and we are co-creating it.

Remote working has become the only option for many companies that have to ensure business continues while they adhere to their country’s lockdown regulations. There has been an acceleration in digital transformation as well as an acceleration in labour trends. While some companies have had to lay off permanent personnel, others are looking into interim staffing.

Agile responses are required and we are ready to support you with a range of products and services that address the current and future needs of work. Our quality digital products include:

  • Global pioneer and leading video interviewing technology
  • Completely secure digital signing platform
  • Time logging software that’s accessible from any web enabled device
  • An online employee experience platform

With our focus fixed firmly on adapting to current labour needs and concerns, as well as keeping up to date with developing global trends, we continue to offer clients our full portfolio of permanent and contract recruitment as well as servicing all payroll requirements.

Liyema Consulting provides you with tech enabled, and managed services solutions to quickly fill the immediate skills gap in your company. We utilise the latest technology to enhance staffing solutions that will task your business model with optimum resilience in the evolving world of work.

Our service offerings include:

  • Contingent Workforce Management
  • Permanent and Contract Recruitment
  • Talent Community Mapping
  • Mobility
  • Payroll Outsourcing

‘People Come First ‘ is Liyema’s ethos. We have never been more resolute in this belief and it remains our guide through this time of crisis. In partnership with other women-owned businesses, we’re also able to offer clients health and safety consultation for work spaces, as well as supply all PPE requirements.

We look forward to being your support.
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