Alert Level 3: What Employers and Employees Should Know

As South Africa enters Alert Level 3, millions of people are returning to work. Here is breakdown of the regulations both employees and employers need to be aware of, which was stipulated in the Disaster Management Act released on Friday, 28 May 2020.  For more details about economic and public sector regulations under Alert Level 3, go to

Relevant health protocols and social distancing measures that must be adhered to:

– Designate a Covid-19 Compliance Officer to oversee the implementation of the employer’s workplace plan as well as adherence to the standards of hygiene and health protocols relating to COVID-19 in the workplace.

– Develop a plan for a phased-in return of employees prior to re-opening which has the following information

                 – Which employees are permitted to work.

                 – Plans for phased-in return of employees.

                 – Health protocols to protect employees from Covid-19.

                 – Details of Compliant Officer.

                 – Measures for employees who are over 60 or those with comorbidities to  facilitate their safe return to work.

Companies With Over 500 Employees 

– Provide or arrange transport for employees coming to the site, but where this is not possible, consider staggering of working time arrangements to reduce congestion in public transport.

– Stagger the return to work of employees to ensure workplace readiness and to avoid traffic congestion during peak travel times.

– Screen employees, daily, for symptoms of Covid-19 and refer the employees who display symptoms for medical examinations and testing where necessary.

– Submit data collected during the screening and testing process to the Department General of the Department of Health.

Companies With Over 100 Employees

– Have a rotation of workers

– Stagger working hours

– Implement shift systems

– Remote working arrangements or similar measures

Workers in private residences

Work in private residences is permitted, but relevant health protocols and social distancing measures for the people employed in private residences must be adhered to.

Liyema Consulting’s Remote Working

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