How To Combat Year-End Fatigue

Imagine that every year is a marathon, and the route is riddled with obstacles – inclines, rocky terrain, clusters of congestion, etc. While some might start strong and temper their pace as they clear each month, others may decide it prudent to set a steady pace that they maintain throughout the year.
However we all began 2022, it’s safe to say that many of us have burned through most of our energy and are sustaining ourselves using mental fortitude, at this point.

The good news is that we’re coming up on the final stretch. Our company ethos is People Come First so it’s worth remembering that it is perfectly human to feel the effects of having to persevere, with everything this year has thrown at you. As we turn the final corner of this physical and mental race, what motivators can cheer us on from the sidelines, as we take step after laboured step to make it across the finish line?

Simply put, how can we combat year-end fatigue?


Schedule in Self Care

It is often said that full cups overflow. If you are tired, irritable, or mentally exhausted, you cannot perform optimally. If you aren’t at your best, how do you expect to show up in the various spheres of your life? Everyone at Liyema Consulting Group agrees that greatness starts from within. Therefore, you need to do the things that bring you joy and set your heart on fire. The feelings of purpose and contentment will keep you motivated throughout these final days – and beyond.

Take time to fill your cup.



There is no escaping technology. Your phones wake you up in the morning, and the HomePod updates you on the global news you missed while sleeping. Wi-Fi keeps you connected while your smart watches remind you to get your daily steps in.
We’re happy to coexist with our gadgets because they make life unimaginably more convenient. Having said that, we need to ensure that we never become too dependent on our devices. Symptoms of a digital overload include doom scrolling, compulsive use of technology, and irritability or mood swings when away from devices.

The internet provides a vacuum through which we can disassociate from our realities. This is incredibly unhealthy. Instead, let’s set boundaries to disconnect from technology for a few hours so we can physically and mentally reconnect with ourselves and each other. Board games can be a great way of spending time with your loved ones, that encourages everyone to put their phones down.



You’re already tired, and we’re recommending that you demand more output from your body? Yes, that’s exactly what we’re suggesting. Exercise is one of the most effective natural stress-relievers, and it’ll improve your overall vitality. Cardio produces endorphins which are the body’s natural happy hormone. Starting your morning with a walk, or an online pilates or aerobics class will set a good tone for the day. Treating yourself to a few laps in the pool, in the afternoon will help you decompress after work.
The Liyema Consulting Group has incorporated regular yoga sessions into the company culture as the benefits don’t just include flexibility and increased energy levels; certain poses engage your spine which positively impact your respiratory system and cardiovascular health. Yogis often credit the practice as a massage for your central nervous system – doesn’t that sound marvellous?

Whichever physical activity you prefer, aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day and you will notice the difference within two weeks.


Eat Mindfully

When you’re sprinting from the office to a school run; or flying through meetings to make it home in time to tuck the kids into bed, it can be very easy to neglect your most basic needs. Nutrition is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle, but we often overlook it. Defaulting to take-away options for your meals might work once or twice a week, but it isn’t sustainable if you hope to nourish your body with the kind of whole foods to keep you looking and feeling good.

If you find yourself too busy to cook something every day – meal prep. Dedicate Sunday afternoons to putting your menu together for the week, and you won’t have to spend the limited mental data you have left, for the rest of the year, trying to figure out what to eat.

Everytime the Liyema Consulting Group team has attended wellness sessions, the importance of good nutrition and mindful eating is always stressed. Poor diet can lead to a number of different illnesses including depression, heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure issues. Rush through your meals, and you might find yourself overeating or dealing with indigestion.
Food has the potential to either heal or harm the body; what choices are you making?

Year-end fatigue can be incredibly frustrating, especially as we prepare ourselves to reconnect with our loved ones. The Liyema Consulting Group went through changes and challenges of its own. Our global expansion to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Switzerland were exciting, but demanding in their own right. Like you, staff from all the offices are looking forward to this period of leisure.

We’ve made it to the end of the year! This is proof that we are all capable of doing more than we give ourselves credit for. Let’s all Rest. Recalibrate.

Soon we’ll be readying ourselves for the next 365-day race.